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Matt Kramer by Lisa Nemzo

Matt Kramer's career includes over 25 years as a producer in the music industry and 19 years as a professional mediator. As a mediator, he helps people develop their own solutions to resolve conflict. His first book, "Conversations Before A Marriage", helps people share and understand the unexamined territory in their relationship in order to be more successful as they move forward in their marriages or partnerships. Kramer's second book is a tool to help artists of any discipline use conflict to improve, not destroy, their professional and private relationships. In working with conflict within organizations, Kramer provides resources and tools to help clients move beyond current conflicts to be able to address future conflicts with greater skill and satisfaction. With an orientation into conflict systems resolution design, people can resolve the underlying issues that lead to chronic conflict and employ tools to address future conflicts early in their manifestation, using the elements of the conflicts as opportunities to address unresolved issues and improve working relationships in the process. Read more. Matt Kramer writing services

"Subconsciously we create complex and sometimes mysterious mechanisms to protect us from early traumatic and stressful experiences. These mechanisms run silently below the surface of our conscious mind as coping skills that help us endure and survive difficult events and chronically painful conditions throughout our lives. However, their repetitive application often leads to thoughts, feelings and actions that create suffering and rob us of our fullest potential in later life." ~Matt Kramer Mediator/Facilitator/Trainer


Since 1993 performed over 500 mediations including workplace conflicts, business, family, divorce and custody disputes, small claims and litigated civil disputes and victim/offender restitution. In 1995, worked as an independent trainer teaching conflict management and mediation, and facilitating organizational change and group dialogue.


  • Center for Dispute Resolution, Santa Monica, CA 1993-1998 Mediator/Facilitator/Administrator; mediate divorce, custody and business disputes; facilitate group dialogue and organizational change
  • Panels: Recourse Mediation Services, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Mediator California Lawyers For The Arts, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mediator Los Angeles County Bar
  • Attorney/Client Fee Dispute Arbitrator California Superior Court Dispute Resolution Program
  • Mediator Van Nuys Small Claims Court
  • Mediator L.A. City Attorney's Office Dispute Resolution Program
  • Mediator-landlord/ tenant, neighbor/neighbor, consumer/merchant
  • GroupDialogueFacilitator-facilitated public meetings on race relations, and community violence Centinela Valley Juvenile Diversion Project, Inglewood, CA: Victim/Offender, Parent/Child Mediation
  • Mediated restitution between juvenile delinquents and crime victims, and mediated between juveniles and parents in conflict. Constitutional Rights Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
  • Conflict Awareness Instructor Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center-San Mateo, CA
  • Mediator Clients: Los Angeles Police Department, Communications Division-Mediator Amtec Corporation-Workplace Conflict Resolution Systems Design City of Glendale, Glendale Community Forums-Facilitator DirecTV-Mediator Los Angeles City College-Mediator Los Angeles Department of Mental Health-Trainer Rolling Hills Preparatory School-Peer Mediation Training Santa Monica YMCA-Conflict Management Training Mill Valley School District-Facilitator and online mediator Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, San Mateo-Parent/Child Mediator

    Training received:

  • 1993 - Center for Dispute Resolution-Mediation Training (32 hrs)
  • 1994 - City of Inglewood-Mediation & Restitution Training (40 hrs)
  • 1994 - L.A. City Attorney's office-Dispute Resolution Training (40 hrs)
  • 1996 - Pepperdine University-Mediating the Litigated Case (40 hrs)
  • Publications: Conversations Before A Marriage ©1999, And The Band Broke Up ©2010
  • Music Industry Resumé:

    Entertainment Consulting / Personal Management 1973-Present
    Founder, Curly Maple Media, entertainment consulting and management/production
    1992-1995 Personal Manager-Lauren Wood
    1982-1993 Personal manager-Richard Elliot (Manhattan/Capitol Records) Talent Coordination / Concert Production
    1994-1998 Talent buyer-Rusty's Surf Ranch-restaurant/nightclub, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA.
    1980-1992 At My Place-showcase nightclub, Santa Monica, CA. Developed and maintained entertainment policy. Responsible for reviewing and coordinating talent. Supported numerous charities and civic functions. Personally handled customer complaints and conflicts. Trained club staff on customer relations, artist relations and sales techniques. Created and maintained a successful environment for artists and audience.
    1984-1998 Co-founder of Kramer, Heller & King, an entertainment arts resources and services company. Produced the Twilight Dance Series at Santa Monica Pier annually since 1984. Other clients include: ARCO Concerts in the Sky at the Bonaventure Hotel (1989 and 1990), Santa Monica Folk and Jazz Festival (1990-91), Olympic Village at UCLA-Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee (1984 )


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